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brisbane's best second hand bookshops

In our increasingly fast-paced world where technology rules the roost, the simple act of losing one's self in a good book can be a blissful experience. Fortunately, there are still some fantastic secondhand book shops dotted around the greater Brisbane area for those who appreciate just how magical reading - the old-fashioned way - truly can be. 

The Book Merchant Jenkins

The Book Merchant Jenkins West End

An historic inner city church has been converted into what would have to be Brisbane's most gorgeous and charming secondhand bookshop, packed to the pulpit with good pre-loved reads from the same peeps who brought you Brisbane's only 24/7 bookshop Logical Unsanity...more 

Archives Fine Books

Over a million fine old books are waiting to be discovered at this unique CBD bookstore. And when we say 'old' books we mean rare editions, collectibles, Shakespeare, children's classics and so much more

Bent Books

It's almost impossible to walk past this brightly-coloured West End bookstore, and why would you want to? They've got practically every book under the sun, plus an owner ready and willing to help with your book search quest...more

Logical Unsanity

This quirky Bardon book shed is here to satisfy your book cravings at any hour of the day. That's right - this eclectic treasure trove is open 24/7, meaning there's never a wrong time to score a book bargain...more

Salisbury Community Bookshop

Readers of all ages will get a kick out of this not-for-profit bookstore in an industrial southside estate. Housed in an old Salisbury grenade factory, this cute store houses a huge collection of books, including a colourful kids' zone...more

Boswell's Books

A work of art on the outside, this Ashgrove institution is equally as impressive within. The long narrow corridors contain an epic collection of books, including such classics as Nancy Drew and Footrot Flats, plus war volumes and even old coins...more

Clarence Corner Bookshop

If you love a good cuppa with your book, then this cosy Woolloongabba store is a must. Although relatively compact, the collection of books is impressive, and better still - they serve Merlo coffee and tasty toasties...more 

Annerley Community Bookshop

This place is akin to being holed up in a cosy lounge room that just so happens to be filled with books. You'll find comfy couches, super-cheap prices and, obviously, some great books. Better still, all proceeds go to charity...more

Lawnton Book Stop

Lawnton Book Stop

Residing in an industrial side street, this quirky warehouse is home to over 30,000 pre-loved titles. The aisles are wide and there are several spots to sit down so you can have a little try before you buy...more

The Really Good Book Shop

The name says it all really. This Hillcrest store is so fantastically jam packed with titles that unearthing a new read can be an exciting adventure in itself. Also, bring along a quality pre-loved book and you could snare a nice discount...more

Street Libraries

Street Libraries of Brisbane

From phone boxes to retro fridges and a whole lot in between, street libraries of all shapes and sizes are literally popping up all over the place. With over 70 of these honesty box-style libraries now in residence, chances are there's one near you. Read on for some of the best...more 

By Dominique Falk